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About Chateau Jones

our_processIt all starts out with good grapes. From good grapes comes good juice. From good juice comes good wine. We import our juices from France, Germany, California, South Africa, Australia, and Italy.

chateau_jones_bottledIt all starts with fermentation. Into the fermenting bucket goes juice, grape skins, oak, and yeast. After several weeks of fermentation the wine is then racked (siphoned) over into glass carboys. Depending on the type of wine, it can sit for up to another three weeks in this stage. After this, the wine is then racked over into a new carboy leaving the sediment behind. The wine is still far from being done at this point. It still has carbon dioxide left in it and usually tastes fizzy and off.

At this time the wine can sit by itself in the carboy or aged with the addition of oak spirals. As the weeks go by the wine will naturally rid itself of the carbon dioxide gas and sediment. Once the wine is clear and it is racked into a fresh carboy it is ready to be bottled.