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It all began in 2009 when Josh looked at Deb and said, "Hey I'm bored, lets learn how to make wine." Deb was thrilled with this idea.

After hours of research, youtube videos, and online forums, they found a local wine making shop. After purchasing a basic equiment kit, some merlot juice, and medium toast oak chips, they went home, threw everything in a bucket and added yeast. After that the magic happened. A few months later they had their first batch of wine in bottles.

After that, they started taking wine making to another level. By innovating outside the normal directions and using their creative instincts, they have produced hundreds of bottles of wine ranging from big, bold cabernet's to strawberry hard lemonades. In 2011 Josh dragged his father down from New York to help build a wine cellar. With storage capacity of 1500 bottles, separate temperature and humidity controls it provides the perfect place to let their wines age. Although their wines are not available for sale today, they hope to explore this option more in the future.

In the day time Debra is a Career Coach at Palmetto Youth Connections working with the gateway to college program. Josh is a mechanical engineer by day and a professional wedding photographer by night and weekends. They live in Greenville, South Carolina and plan to get married next spring.